The 360 Boom Box Story

With the global economy still seeming rather unstable, Australia continues to be experiencing gradual recovery and exciting growth. At 360 Boom Box, we certainly want to be apart of Australia's new growth and welcome you as a partner to come join with us...

Considering this situation, as a company, we will continue to expand our current business endeavours to strengthen our partnership foundations with people like you. To be more specific, 360 Boom Box plans to further increase its current Australian brand identity with its partners and together aims to create greater enjoyment for consumers by releasing even more creative products into the future. 360 Boom Box continues to strive as industry leader suppling only the best quality Boom Boxes, while expanding its capabilities with overseas suppliers in developing exciting new products for the Australian market. We appreciate our customers loyalty around the world choosing our unique products, with which we were able to create new excitement and joy in their lives.
The 360 Boom Box brand is widely regarded as both innovative and trustworthy; we intend to add fun to these impressions. We are committed to continual development of the brand – becoming an ever-more familiar name. We ask you to look at our company through our partnership opportunities as your continued support and guidance will help continue to strengthen our ever growing position.

Annie & Steve Dudson
360 Boom Box - Business Owners.