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Quick Release Wrench - the harder you pull, the tighter it grips. 

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For those of you that need a seriously big wrench, the Macht Wrench is your answer. This is one of the world's biggest heavy duty Wrenches on the market today. What makes this massive Wrench unique is the jaws ability to lock onto a nut, bolt or even a round pipe and subject to the size can either tightened or loosened with ease. What makes the Macht wrench so effective is the unique head, jaw design which firmly locks onto three sides of the nut which prevents slipping and burring. The ratchet action head is self adjusting which allows you to use in reverse to loosen or tighten in a forward motion. Even old 31/2 inch rusty pipes can easily be dealt with using the self adjusting Macht Wrench.

The Macht Wrench with its massive jaw capability of 30mm - 89mm will fix big jobs like plumbing pipes, replacing hydraulics, mining or changing massive truck wheels. No job is too large for the Macht Wrench. The independent, Amsler Universal machine tested the Macht wrench under extreme loads and proved "off the scale" load ratings. They will not break under extreme conditions.

Another unique design feature of the Macht Wrench is that you can place a bar over the top of the handle, giving you extra leverage. With the advantage of changeable teeth within its jaw, the Macht Wrench will last you years of seriously heavy duty work. You will not believe the Macht Wrenche's strength.

Features Include:

-  24 inch, length = ?????

-  Changeable teeth

-  Self Adjusting

-  Fits multiple sizes

-  Ratchet style action

-  From 30mm - 89mm

-  Special soft grip handle

-  Fits any shape, square, hex, round, damaged or even burred

-  Amazing gripping power

-  12 month replacement guarantee


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Macht Wrench

Macht Wrench

Quick Release Wrench - the harder you pull, the tighter it grips. 

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